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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  September 5, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. satsuma, florida. a 5-year-old little girl tucked into bed. five hours later she's gone. van shds into thin air. the back door propped wide open. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. bombshell tonight. the physical search for little haleigh is back on. searchers combing through dense foliage on foot and horseback. after girlfriend slash babysitter misty croslin leads police directly to a plot of
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land near the family home. but what makes croslin point to that particular spot? this after croslin's brother and sister-in-law led away by police for hours of intense questions when croslin points the finger at them. we learn misty croslin, the last known person to see haleigh alive, flunks a private polygraph, flunks "miserably." racking up a score of 99% deceptive. not only that. reports she flunked a voice stress test as well. even more disheartening, croslin changes her story, now saying up to four people in the home the night haleigh goes missing but calling it a dream-like memory. this on the heels of police announcing haleigh was not kidnapped by a stranger. repeat, o'no stranger snuck into the home that night and snatched the little girl. investigators say croslin
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refusing to give straight answers or to account for crucial hours surrounding the disappearance. and cops reveal physical evidence at the scene couldn't rah diblths her story. exclusive tonight -- for the first time since his new wife flunks a poly, haleigh's father, ronald cummings, with us live, answering your questions, taking your calls. tonight, where is 5-year-old florida girl haleigh? >> i put her to bed about 8:00, and i woke up and she was gone. the back door was wide open. >> breaking news in the haleigh cummings investigation. stepmom misty croslin-cummings's brother tommy croslin and his wife have been questioned by the putnam county sheriff's office, the questioning lasting about three hours. >> haleigh cummings' stepmom misty has taken several new polygraphs, and in the words of one observer she failed miserably. >> did you intentionally withhold any information regarding haleigh's
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disappearance? her answer was no. she failed it miserably with a 99% deception. >> police say the polygraph and voice analysis sessions led them to bring the family members in. tommy croslin's father says his son told investigators he'd even take a polygraph if he was led away. >> she is so arrogant, deceptive, and manipulative. she thought she could detract the attention away from her. >> misty croslin-cummings allegedly telling voice expert and p.i. t.j. ward she "keeps hearing things about her brother." "i have no idea if he took her." misty's brother telling local media misty is trying to pass the blame onto someone else. >> i'm trying to do everything to find her. you know, i'll answer any questions i have to because i know i didn't do anything to that little girl. >> hello? >> okay, sir, let me talk to your wife. let me get some information from her. >> [ inaudible ].
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[ bleep ]. >> can i talk to her? okay. >> how the [ bleep ] can you let my daughter get stole [ bleep ]? >> and live in oakland, major developments in the search for a missing 5-year-old boy afflicted with cerebral palsy. little hass ni hasanni reportedly from outside a car just outside a shoe store at a busy suburban shopping center. how can he just disappear and nobody sees a thing? in a stunning twist police arrest the foster dad and mom. as police confirm the case now goes from missing person to homicide. in a stunning twist of events in the hasanni campbell case hasanni's foster parents, jennifer campbell and louis ross have been arrested for the disappearance of the 5-year-old. >> this is not a missing persons case anymore. this is a homicide investigation.
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and we are talking to the people responsible. >> mr. ross, i understand that you did not pass your polygraph. is that true? >> i have been told that my results were that i failed it 99 point -- 99%. >> you failed it 99% of it? >> yes. >> why did you have latex gloves in your car? >> there were no latex gloves. it was one glove. and it was a hand puppet. >> opd crime scene investigators returned to campbell's home. they were possibly looking for more clues and evidence that could lead them to hasanni. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. the physical search for little haleigh, back on. >> i just woke up and our back door was open and we can't find our daughter. >> stepmom misty croslin-cummings's brother, tommy croslin, and his wife were questioned by the putnam county sheriff's office. tommy and misty's dad hank
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croslin says allegations against tommy being involved are untrue, and tommy has even offered to take a polygraph. >> misty has been deceptive, that her stories don't make sense, and that the key to this case lies with her. >> the back door has two locks on the door. the second lock, which you would have to turn, is a tight lock. so it wouldn't be likely that little haleigh would have been able to turn the lock and then let herself out the door. >> tommy croslin tells first coast news he has no idea why his sister's accusing him and reportedly says she's trying to pass the blame onto someone else. >> if you listen to her speak, she closes off, she doesn't speak loud enough, she dies off at the end. that's always a sign of deception when it's done consistently. >> people think that i had something to do with it. if i knew where she was, we wouldn't be here today. we would have her. >> we are taking your calls live tonight. and joining us, the father of little haleigh, ronald cummings is with us live. he's speaking out for the very first time since his new wife has allegedly flunked a polygraph.
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but first i want to go to t.j. hart, news director with wsky, 97.3 fm. t.j., i understand another search has been conducted near the family home on foot and on horseback. why that location? who led police to that spot? >> the search was on saturday. and that was orchestrated by t.e.s., texas equusearch. and it was something that came out in the conversation with misty. during questioning with some of the people that tim miller had put together, t.j. ward and company, she made mention of an area that had a plastic rose in the grass. she felt that it hadn't been searched carefully enough. and on saturday they conducted that search with several volunteers. it turned up empty. l.e. does have the plastic rose that she had mentioned in there. but no concrete results, nothing
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that law enforcement said that changed anything at this point. >> and to natisha lance, on the story from the very beginning, what can you tell me, natisha lance, about misty croslin, the babysitter slash girlfriend turned wife, the last person to see the little girl alive? her brother, her blood brother and sister-in-law, were led away by police for intense interrogation. why? why did police want to speak to them? >> that's right, nancy. there was something that happened with misty croslin during her voice analysis, and something that she said led investigators to want to question her brother and her sister-in-law. investigators took them in, they questioned them for about three hours, they let them go, they didn't find any information according to law enforcement that offered anything new as to haleigh's disappearance or any new information, but the one thing they continue to say is that misty croslin remains to be inconsistent. >> again, with us tonight, ronald cummings. this is little haleigh's father. he has never shied away from the camera and answering your
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questions. taking calls live. he apparently has nothing to hide. and with him his attorney, terry shoemaker. well-respected attorney. they're joining us from jacksonville, florida. ronald, thank you for being with us again. >> thank you for having us. >> liz, please put ronald on screen for me. ronald, what do you make of misty flunking a polygraph? >> i don't know anything about her flunking a polygraph. i know what's been said about it, but i'm not a polygrapher myself. so i didn't see any results. i didn't -- you know, i was told by the polygrapher who did the polygraph that it's not judged in percentages, that a polygraph is either a failed or a pass, not in a percentages. >> well, okay. let's take what you know, that you either fail it or you pass it. well, according to these reports, she flunked it. i mean royally flunked it.
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and that's got to concern you. >> well, until i see more physical proof of what's going on, miss nancy, there's -- my concerns are still on keeping haleigh's face on the tv and being sure that she is found. and whoever has done this to her is put away. >> okay. ronald, i understand that you want to keep haleigh's face out there. and we are doing that. but i know you, and i do not believe you are not concerned about a report that your wife flunked a polygraph. it would concern me. >> nancy, if i might, you know, of course ronald's concerned about a lot of things going on right now, but i think the main thing he's concerned about is making sure that haleigh is
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found. and you know, again, we'd like to thank you for keeping haleigh in the spotlight and making sure everyone continues to look for her and helping us every way you possibly can. but we're more concerned with that aspect rather than whether or not misty may or may not have done well on a polygraph. >> you know, mr. shoemaker, you have an excellent reputation. and what you just said does not make one ounce of sense. of course you want her picture out there. of course you want the help of the media. but for the last person known to have seen haleigh alive to have reportedly flunked a polygraph, how you can suggest that is not a major concern. you want to find her? you want to find haleigh? then find out why misty reportedly flunked a polygraph. gentlemen, does that not make sense to you? ronald cummings, i would like to hear it from you. >> nancy, what you're saying makes perfect sense to me. but why is law enforcement -- i'm not law enforcement. i can't interfere with their investigation.
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i can't do anything about a polygraph or -- >> well, what is she telling you, ronald? what is she telling you? i mean, she took that police polygraph. i don't believe she passed it the first time. i don't believe she did. now this one. then there was that voice stress test. i mean, something is wrong with her story, ronald. >> i don't know, miss nancy. >> if i have something, she wants it. so if we buy the same thing for me, we buy the same thing for her. i just want everybody to know i was home because i did pass my lie detector test saying that i was home. >> they told you you passed? >> yeah. it's what doct most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers..
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no. >> 3:00 in the morning i got up and i got up because i had to go to the bathroom but i didn't make it to the bathroom. i saw the light on and i walked into the kitchen and the back door was wide open. i mean, i didn't notice about haleigh then until i seen the back door open. >> the back door has two locks on the door. the second lock, which you would have to turn, is a tight lock. so it wouldn't be likely that little haleigh would have been able to turn the lock and then let herself out the door. >> i asked her specifically what happened between the 9th of february into the 10th of february, and i let her ramble. and as she rambles, it tells me -- shows me stress, it shows me inaccuracies, it shows me things that she's talking about that may not be true. and at the end of our test it showed that she knew something about the disappearance of haleigh. >> we are taking your calls live. joining me tonight, misty's father, ronald cummings -- excuse me, haleigh's father, ronald cummings. straight to the lines. gail in virginia. hi, gail. >> caller: hi, miss grace. how are you? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question?
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>> caller: i wanted to ask mr. cummings, the baby's been missing since february. why have they not brought in the cadaver dogs? >> you know, it's my understanding that they have. to t.j. hart. have cadaver dogs ever been brought in? >> yes, they have. in fact, they were out there several months ago, and cadaver dogs did make a hit on a dumpster. and actually, two of them. and they went through those dumpsters late into the night. our cnn/hln cameras were on that the whole time. they found nothing of significance. >> melody, oklahoma. or is that ohio, melody? >> caller: ohio. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: hi, nancy. i just got your book, and i cannot wait to read it. but anyway -- >> thank you. >> caller: she failed the first polygraph. now they're saying that she didn't -- that she failed the second too. i can see her inconsistencies. but why would she pass the one and not the other two? and then we're speaking about this rose. who would have put that rose there where they went to look? thank you.
8:18 pm
>> thank you, melody in ohio. out to you, natisha. i was only aware of two polygraphs taken by misty croslin. >> actually, there's a total of three she's taken now. she took one by the fbi, one by the putnam county sheriff's office -- >> ah. yes. the fbi one. >> yes. and now this new one that was orchestrated by tim miller. >> and natisha, doesn't she say that she passed one of them? >> she did say that she had passed one of them. however, law enforcement will not confirm either way to us. >> so we don't know whether she passed or not? >> that's right. >> okay. i want to go to special guest joining us tonight t.j. ward. he's the president of investigative consultants international. and he's the one who administered the laird voice analysis, which we have been calling a voice stress test. welcome, mr. ward. thank you for being with us. >> hi, nancy, how are you? >> i'm good. mr. ward, what question you say -- that you say she failed concerns you the most? and i have a list of many of the
8:19 pm
questions right here with me. >> well, let me tell you exactly what i did. i went through with her and let her ramble and tell me about what happened from february the 9th into february the 10th. the relevant questions that you see on the test results that you have, that you're looking at are relevants that i have pulled from the test, from her talking completely through the whole test. and some of the things that are coming up here, specifically if you look about where it says haleigh, the blanket smelled like pee, it comes up probably false, and it's got p-7 and p-9. well, these two things refer to high rejection incitement and it's abnormal emotional, and she's not -- she's lying. she's not telling the truth about that. so that's one of the things that concerns me. then i directly came out and asked her as to her involvement and i said do you know who took haleigh? and it came back inaccuracy and deception indicated, which tells me she knows something about this baby being taken from the trailer on the 9th into the 10th.
8:20 pm
>> i also see the statement she says "i don't think she," haleigh, "is dead." and beside that you right "inaccuracy." >> right. in her mind what's gone on, what in her mind is coming up is telling me that when she talked about that she doesn't -- she doesn't know whether she's dead or whether she's not dead. it's inaccurate. it's an inaccurate statement. she does not know. and my gut feeling from looking at this test, that she is involved and does know something about the disappearance of haleigh cummings. >> she said is there any way we can do a voice test? i hear they work. made contact. did a lot of research. contacted a hypnotist that's actually retired from nypd, a detective. and everything was just miserably failed. >> misty has been deceptive. that her stories don't make sense. and that the key to this case lies with her. towels in my room.
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she said it seems like maybe it was a dream or something but it seems like maybe i remember like four people or something, maybe i thought i was dreaming or something. >> the polygrapher is a retired homicide detective, and he said what he's reading out of that is there was two or more other people involved. so when haleigh was actually taken out of the house, she really doesn't know which one took her to her final destination. >> i pulled into the yard. the front door was wide open. she was standing in it. i asked her what she was doing
8:31 pm
up. she told me that the back door was wide open and haleigh was gone. i turned the house upside down and told her to call 911. >> she asked to take this polygraph in order to clear her name. they said the story had been inconsistent. still some more inconsistencies arose from some of the stories she told them. and one of them is with that timeline once again, where she claims she put haleigh down at 8:00 p.m. and herself went to sleep at 10:00 to wake up abruptly at 3:00 to find haleigh gone. ronald cummings says that bed was made, it didn't appear that anybody had been to bed. >> she told me that she was sleeping, her and junior were sleeping in my queen size bed and that she was sleeping in the tot bed beside her, three or four feet from her. >> i'm trying to do everything to find her. you know, answer any questions i have to. because i know i didn't do anything to that little girl. i would never hurt her. they love me. they -- i mean, they look at me like their mom. you know. you ask little junior, he'll
8:32 pm
tell you. you know, they talk lovely about me, and i'm so good to them kids. >> straight back out to ronald cummings. this is haleigh's father, who is joining us tonight. and he is taking your calls live. this is the first time he is speaking out exclusively here after his bride, his new wife, allegedly flunks a polygraph. ronald, i know that your heart's desire is to bring her home alive. i'll never forget the first time i heard your 911 call. and i think that is exactly the way i would have reacted if i came home and the twins were gone. and i want to know what you want to tell the viewers tonight. >> i want to tell them to keep haleigh's face out there, and if you have any information leading to her disappearance to call it in. it don't matter who it hurts.
8:33 pm
and i want to let everyone know that i'm not hiding anything for anybody. and if somebody had something to do with it, let them fry. so be it. whoever it might be. that's who -- that's who it is. let's bring haleigh home. >> ronald, why did police question misty croslin's brother and sister-in-law? what was that all about? they kept them for hours. >> miss nancy, i don't have a clue what they questioned them about. i'm not allowed around them. >> that's right. i understand. ronald, what do you believe is being done now in the search for haleigh? i know they just finished another search around your home, and they did that because your wife, misty croslin, directed them to a particular spot. >> well, i'm happy that they're still searching. i hope that they find my child alive, obviously. but one way or another i want my daughter to come home. i need some closure. >> ronald, you said that you
8:34 pm
don't care who it hurts and that you're not covering for anybody. >> that's right. >> okay. and i assume from knowing you that you mean that. so my question to you tonight is now that you have been told, whether you accept it or not, that your wife has flunked a poly, have you asked her what happened? what does she tell you? i mean, i saw her on "the today show," and they asked her, why did you give two different stories? and she said, "i don't know." that doesn't make sense. >> i asked her. but i don't get any answers from her about, you know -- i don't see -- what she's telling me is not inconsistent. >> okay. >> so maybe what she -- >> and what is it that she tells you? what is her story about what happened that night? >> the same thing that she's
8:35 pm
telling police, or whoever, that she went to bed -- she put haleigh to bed, dumped some laundry, went to bed, and woke up to the door propped open. >> let's unleash the lawyers. eleanor dixon, atlanta. peter odom, defense attorney out of atlanta. anne bremner, high-profile lawyer out of seattle. first to you, anne bremner. weigh in. >> i just have to think about misty and the polygraph, nancy. think about -- they're not admissible in court. ted bundy passed one. and one other thing in terms of use of these, they're not to be used on juveniles. she's still pretty young. and finally, we don't have somebody that's a certified polygraph examiner here. so i just have to kind of whoa, stop a little and speak a little bit for misty -- >> you know what, anne? you're right. >> thank you. >> you're absolutely correct. in that ted bundy did pass a polygraph. they are not infallible. however, let me ask you this, miss bremner. >> yes. >> isn't it true that you have asked some of your clients to take a polygraph before?
8:36 pm
>> well, nancy, i have. but you know what? when i've -- >> why? >> because i want to know privately. but when i do it -- >> but did you believe it? >> did i believe the results? >> yes. >> you know what? >> i want to see bremner. >> nancy, i don't know if i would take one myself. >> that's not what i asked you. you send your own clients privately, you don't tell the other side -- >> but you know what? >> -- for a polygraph. why do you do it? >> because you know why i do it? because if i'm going to use it in a case and try and use it on rehab of my client and bring it in pretrial i want to use it in some of my criminal cases. and that's why do i it if i'm going to use it, nancy -- >> so when a polygraph benefits your client, you use it. >> sure. >> when it doesn't benefit your client, you pretend it didn't happen? >> but you know what? they're not reliable. and that's been true for decades and decades and -- >> they're not reliable but you use them. >> you know what, nancy? they're not reliable to convict somebody and they're not reliable in a court of law. they're only reliable when you use them to rehab a defendant in
8:37 pm
certain cases in the federal courts. and when you come up and you tell a judge someone passed a polygraph, your client, that is it. so are they reliable? no. do the courts -- >> when you tell a judge your client passed a polygraph, that is it, you said. what do you mean that is it? >> well, nancy, because that's the only way i use it. when i say that is it, you use it in certain ways and that is it. you cannot put it -- you know who decides truth in these cases and you know it, nancy, is the jury, not a polygraph. >> you have gotten us totally off the question. beautifully. to you, eleanor dixon. the truth of the matter is that lawyers rely on polygraphs all the time. they can be beaten. that's true. ted bundy was a pathological liar. he lied nearly every time he committed a murder, he would pick a girl up from the beach or wherever. so he was a pathological liar. he was used to it. that was his nature, to lie. that's not true of everyone. what do you make of it, eleanor?
8:38 pm
>> well, nancy, i think it's important to look at these polygraphs because it's not necessarily important whether they pass or fail but how the statements are inconsistent. here it sounds like ronald cummings is into his matrimonial bliss and is not willing to face what is actually going on with these tests. >> but i do think that there is more than a grain of truth, peter odom, to what anne bremner out of seattle said. this is not a state polygrapher like you would find at the, for instance, georgia bureau of investigation. it was not an fbi polygraph. it is a known polygrapher. that's true. but many people believe that there is a difference. and she could be considered a juvenile. >> right. well, nancy, i think the fact there are three different polygraphs that this young girl has taken and three different results tells you a lot about the unreliability of polygraphy. it's more art than science. that's why it's not admissible. and i'm shocked so many people are putting so much stock in this -- >> you yourself have sent clients for a polygraph -- >> no, i have not. never. >> never as a prosecutor did you
8:39 pm
ever take into account a polygraph? never once? because i know for a fact that you did. >> i would take into account a person's reaction to a polygraph, not the results. because the reaction is important -- >> so you did? >> take into consideration the reaction to the polygraph. >> yes. >> not necessarily the result. >> okay. go ahead and split hairs if you want to -- >> it's an important distinction, nancy. >> but i know that you did. i want to hear from marc klaas. weigh in, marc. >> tim miller has value in his searches for a variety of reasons. the area they searched hadn't been searched for a long time. as the caylee case shows, sometimes you have to go over the same piece of property numerous times before you finally come up with the reality. but as far as his business of handling polygraphs and things like that, i think he has absolutely no business doing that. that's amateur work. this should be left to the professionals. >> quick break, everyone. we are taking your calls live. to tonight's safety tip. housing market down. foreclosures up. these are tips to stop mortgage fraud. if it sounds too good to be
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straight out to dr. jeff gardere, psychologist and author. dr. gardere, i noticed in her questions from t.j. ward, who gave her this polygraph test, she again refers to "that little girl." that's about the third time i've heard her refer to haleigh as that little girl instead of by name. what, if anything, does that mean? >> it means that there's a distance between herself and haleigh and her relationship is primarily with ronald. the other thing i wanted to say very, very quickly, nancy, is it's not about the results of the polygraph or the voice analysis. it's about the behavior that comes out of it. and what it tells us is this is a young woman who is pretty disturbed in my clinical opinion. and she was the last one we know
8:45 pm
of who saw haleigh before she disappeared. >> weigh in, john lucich. i think i've got john lucich. go ahead. >> that polygraph is consistent with all the facts of the case. number one, all those tests contradict misty. all the physical evidence contradicts misty. and even misty contradicted misty. that polygraph in this case i believe is right on because it confirms all the other evidence. >> to howard oliver. dr. oliver, former deputy medical examiner, forensic pathologist out of l.a. dr. oliver, if she has passed away, if her body has been out in the elements, what would you expect to find? could you determine cause of death at this juncture? >> not very likely. it's been a very long period of time since february. the body, if it's out in the elements, should be skeletonized by now. >> back to ronald cummings, our
8:46 pm
special guest tonight. ronald, you and i have been on this story from the very, very beginning. and i don't even like asking the medical examiner questions like that while i know you are listening because you're holding out the hope, as am i, that she is alive. >> yes. >> once again, i want you to make a plea to the viewers tonight. everyone, the tip line is 888-277-8477. go ahead, ronald. >> please, whoever knows anything about haleigh's disappearance, anything about where she might be now, or anything about anything from february 9th to february 10th of 2009, please call the crimestoppers of the putnam county sheriff's office. >> and please know, ronald, that you are in our thoughts and prayers, as is little haleigh. >> thank you. very quickly, we are shifting gears to little hasanni.
8:47 pm
his investigation turns from missing person to homicide. >> we do believe that hasanni campbell has been murdered. >> police in oakland, california say hasanni campbell was killed. his case has shifted from a missing person investigation now to a homicide probe. his foster parents, they were arrested. his aunt, jennifer campbell and her fiancee, louis ross. ross still behind bars, held on suspicion of murder. >> mr. ross, i understand that you did not pass your polygraph. is that true? >> that is what i've been told, correct. >> what were the questions they asked you? >> do i know where hasanni is, and can i take them to where hasanni is? >> the arrest should not be a factor in people searching for him. we still need to bring hasanni home. >> the police still have no idea where little hasanni is. but they are confident that this boy is unfortunately killed, allegedly at the hands of his foster father. >> sebastian koontz, knew radio, joining us out of san francisco, i understand the foster father and mother were taken into custody, mother later released. what happened?
8:48 pm
>> nancy, what happened is on friday they were taken into custody. louis ross on charges of suspicion of murder and jennifer campbell on charges of accessory after the fact. however, it was just this afternoon that she was released from the santa rita jail in dublin on lack of evidence. >> out to john burris, famed defense attorney out of oakland, california. practices throughout the california area and across the country. he's been an adviser to louis ross and jennifer campbell, the foster mother and father, and he has now decided to come off the case. he will no longer be representing them. john, i do not -- welcome. i do not believe the police have any physical evidence right now. but don't you find it coincidental that they take these two into custody and by the time they finish talking to them they have decided this is a homicide case?
8:49 pm
>> well, it is surprising that that's the route they took. i believe that they believed there was a homicide case for a long time, but i don't think they have any evidence whatsoever to support that. i think they just adopted that position because they were not able to corroborate any of the statements in their own mind that mr. ross has said. i was pretty much shocked that they in fact arrested either one of them, particularly miss campbell, because they really have no evidence that she committed any particular crime, nor was she an accessory after the fact. her statement has always been pretty clear that she knew nothing about what had happened, that she was like everyone else looking for this child and that whatever she knew was told to her as a consequence of what louis had said. that does not make her an accessory after the fact. >> john, i hear you totally concentrating on the innocence of jennifer campbell. and i think that's highly astute of you to avoid the possibility that louis ross -- >> i'm not really avoiding -- i'm not avoiding it. i was just talking about her. he is presently in custody. you know, he is in custody. and from her point of view i've already stated my position. from his point of view, i don't
8:50 pm
know that the police have any evidence at all that's concrete. i mean, they have -- >> well, obviously something they said caused this case to flip from a missing persons to a homicide -- >> i don't think it's anything y said -- i could not see what he could prove. >> i want to ask matt, isn't it true that no one else has seen for four days the foster confirmed sighting that we have is the wal-mart in the area. that's the last time that he had a foster parent. >> i don't know what i'm allowed to say right now because of the
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
investigation. major developments in the search of a missing 5-year-old suffering from cerebral pal see. how could he just disappear and nobody sees a thing? >> in a stunning twist of events, in the campbell case, his foster parents, jennifer and lewis, have been arrested for the disappearance and murder of the 5-year-old. >> this is not a missing persons case anymore. this is a homicide investigation. >> mr. ross, i understand that you did not pass your polygraph, is that true? >> i've been told that my results were that i failed it
8:55 pm
99% of it. >> you failed it 99% of it? >> yes. >> why did you have latex gloves in your car? >> crime seen investigators return to campbell's home. they were possibly looking for more clues and evidence that could lead them to the boy. >> little boy reported missing outside of a shoe store of a very busy shopping maul. but now his foster father under arrest. he is reported as having braces on his little legs, he was afflicted with is cerebral palsy. >> mr. ross' story has never made any sense. >> no, it has not. >> he failed this polygraph. there are suspicious text messages. >> i mean, mark, mark, would you dare leave a child alone in the
8:56 pm
back of a store while you walk around to the front of the store for what? to get them to let you in? if i can -- still to this day pick up both twins and they are pushing 40 pounds, all right? better than leave one? no way. >> well, it's a self-serving convenient story for him, basically, is what it is. you know, and another thing he never did is, he never reached out to any of the child locator organizations in the bay area that are set up specifically to assist in these kinds of situations. i waited for his call for 18 days and it never came. so, you know, i'm not surprised by this turn of events. the problem, though, as i see it right now, is we have absolutely no idea where that little boy's body is. i have no idea. so it's going to be very difficult to search and to locate him. >> mark klaas, the thought of this little child going through so much, having to go to a foster home, having to fight
8:57 pm
cerebral palsy, and now this. >> yes, brutal. >> let's stop and remember army specialist ryan bell, 21, washington, killed in iraq. military grad turned down multiple sdol lar ships to enlist. awarded the purple heart army medal and loved singing and hiking and camping with his father. he leaves behind his parents michael and cheryl and widow, karrie. thank you for being with us and a special good night to the friends of the show, stacy and lisa. aren't they beautiful? everyone, see you tomorrow night. 8:00 sharp eastern. and, tonight, god bless little hisani and haleigh cummings. until tomorrow night, good night, friend.
8:58 pm
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